Amazon Web Services (AWS) posted record sales of $ 12.742 billion (£ 9.35 billion) for the last quarter, up 28% year over year.

AWS made up just under a tenth (9.93%) of all Amazon sales, which was another record. $ 125.6 billion for Q420. AWS ‘total annual revenue was $ 45.37 billion.

The market leader for cloud infrastructures has exceeded the quarterly revenue mark of USD 10 billion for the fourth time. While AWS sales have increased sequentially over the past two years – with a particular jump in the last four quarters – their share of total Amazon sales has decreased.

To put that growth in perspective, AWS revenue more than doubled in Q4 2018 in Q2.

The big news from Amazon, however, came outside of financial metrics. Like this publication reported last nightAndy Jassy, ​​CEO of AWS, will lead Amazon in the third quarter, while Jeff Bezos will take over the role of …

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