SEATTLE – Amazon Web Services introduces a specialized data lake for the healthcare industry.

AWS launched Amazon HealthLake, a HIPAA-enabled service for healthcare organizations to ingest, store, query, and analyze their data on a large scale, the company said earlier this month.

Amazon HealthLake is currently available on the AWS console in several regions: US East (N. Virginia); USA East (Ohio); and US West (Oregon).

The company said additional regional availability is coming “soon”.

Amazon HealthLake is set up to use machine learning (ML) to understand and extract meaningful medical information from unstructured data. The information is then organized, indexed, and stored in chronological order.

The ML-based data lake is intended to offer a “holistic view” of patient health.

The service uses the industry standard Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) format to enable interoperability by sharing information: across healthcare …

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