Amazon’s AWS re: Invent 2020 conference is switching to virtual mode this year. The online event will last from November 2020 until at least January 2021, the cloud computing giant has stated.

What can partners expect from the Amazon Web Services team? You can find daily updates throughout the virtual event on this live news blog. Share your messages: If you’d like to share AWS re: Invent news, please email me with the details ( for possible coverage of ChannelE2E.

34. Network discovery and response: IronNet cybersecurity offers its professional services on the AWS Marketplace.

33. Compliance tool: Amazon launched AWS Audit Manager to help cloud customers map compliance control requirements like GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and more. AWS Audit Manager is a fully managed service that provides pre-built frameworks for common industry standards and regulations and automates the continuous collection of evidence to …

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