Amazon Web Services (AWS) opened its first data centers in the Middle East in neighboring Bahrain in 2019.

San Francisco: Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud arm of e-commerce giant Amazon, has announced the general availability of a new service that will make it easier and cheaper for customers to add location functionality to their applications without sacrificing user privacy affect or data security.

Location data is critical for businesses to support a range of use cases (asset tracking, route planning, and location-based marketing experiences) based on the explosion of connected devices in the world.

With Amazon Location Service, customers can embed location functionality into their applications using data from location-based service providers (LBS) Esri and HERE Technologies, AWS said in a statement on Tuesday.

“” With built-in support for tracking and geofencing and a range of use cases that are only 1/10 the cost of the most popular LBS providers, Amazon Location Service is …


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