Amazon Web Services, the online retailer’s huge server infrastructure, went down Tuesday, affecting thousands of its customers and causing outages across the Internet. Not only Amazon’s own websites such as Prime Video and its online shop have problems at times, numerous online video games and streaming services also have problems.

Disney and Riot Games have both seen their login services go down completely since the AWS outage began. Players using Riot’s game client have been logged out and will not be able to log back in, thereby restricting access to the developer’s games such as: League of Legends and Valorant. Games like PUBG: battlefields also seems to have been affected by the failure.

Fortunately, not everything AWS uses seems completely useless. We could get into a match of Fourteen daysalthough there was a noticeable delay, but it’s not clear if it was AWS. Some games are still being managed, but since so many companies …

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