A federal judge has granted a motion by SalusCare, a provider of mental health and substance abuse services, to prevent an alleged hacker from accessing patient data that the hacker allegedly stole and copied to Amazon Web Services’ cloud storage.

It is part of a lawsuit in Fort Myers, Florida, SalusCare, filed last week in federal court in Florida against AWS – Amazon Cloud Arm – and an alleged anonymous hacker named John Doe.

SalusCare sued Doe, asking Amazon to block access to the data a week after it became known they had been the victim of a data breach.

A computer technician at SalusCare reportedly discovered on March 16 that Doe had accessed and copied the organization’s server, according to court documents. Doe allegedly exfiltrated data stored on the server into two virtual storage “buckets” on AWS. The server hosted a database of thousands of patient and employee files, including medical and financial information.

SalusCare has spent more than $ 12,000 …

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