Data center investments, led by Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook, rose a whopping 31 percent in the first quarter of 2021 to hit $ 38 billion as the demand for more data center space and capacity continues to reach new heights.

“Hyperscale companies are breaking all records for their spending levels again, fueled by the continued aggressive growth of cloud and digital services in both corporate and consumer markets,” said John Dinsdale, chief analyst for Synergy Research Group, a IT brand research company, in an email to CRN. “Of the 20 hyperscale companies, Amazon was by far the largest donor, followed by Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple, Alibaba and Tencent. Since Hyperscale-Capex is continuing on its multi-year growth path, it is interesting to compare this with telecommunications companies whose revenues and Capex have now been calm for five years.

Capital expenditures for hyperscale operators hit $ 38 in the first quarter …


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