Yahoo Finance’s Brian Sozzi, Julie Hyman, and Myles Udland preview big tech revenues with Jefferies Senior Analyst Brent Thill.

Video transcript

JULIE HYMAN: Well, you have to keep up when it comes to earning season. We talked about a lot of numbers this morning. We talked about Tesla after ending yesterday. Of course there is much more and much more to come in technology. In particular, Microsoft and Alphabet after today’s end. Amazon and Facebook after tomorrow’s graduation, and Apple – throw that into the mix as well.

Brent Thill covers many of these big tech companies. He’s the Jefferies senior analyst who tracks many of these stocks. And Brent, maybe I’ll kick you out a curveball. I dont know. What do you look forward to most when you look at the type of ensemble of all of your great tech coverage? When we hear from these companies, what question would you most like to answer?

BRENT THILL: I think everyone is …

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