AWS is promoting the efficiency and performance of new AWS-powered EC2 instances


Companies looking for hyperscalers to get instant scalable computing capacity for big data number crunching, supercomputing services on demand, and more have new options that lead to better performance and efficiency, according to Amazon. AWS has announced new Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances that are silicon based and optimized for you. According to David Brown, Vice President Amazon EC2 at AWS, the new instances offer customers significant value for money.

“AWS ‘continued innovation means customers now have brand new, breakthrough instances to run their most important workloads at significantly better value than anywhere else,” said Brown.

New C7g instances powered by AWS’s arm-based Graviton3 processors provide 25% better performance for compute-intensive workloads than the previous generation chips that power C6g instances and use 60% less power, AWS said.

“AWS Graviton3 processors also deliver up to 2x …


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