AWS is expanding Amazon Workspaces with new virtual desktop capabilities


Amazon Web Services Inc. today updated Amazon Workspaces, its desktop virtualization suite, with new features that allow customers to take advantage of the offering in more diverse ways.

Workspaces enables companies to create cloud-based virtual desktops that their employees can access through a browser. Organizations use virtual desktops because, in some ways, they’re easier to manage than local workstations. The technology also simplifies certain cybersecurity tasks.

The AWS Workspaces desktop virtualization suite includes three services. The first provides the ability to create and manage cloud-based virtual desktops through a management interface provided by AWS. The second service, Amazon Workspaces Web, allows employees to access virtual desktops through a browser.

The third service in the Workspaces suite debuted as part of today’s update. Known as Amazon Workspaces Core, it enables organizations to run virtual desktops on AWS infrastructure with third-party desktop virtualization…

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