AWS introduces Amazon Kinesis Data Streams On-Demand


Amazon Kinesis Data Streams is a fully managed, serverless service on AWS for high-volume, real-time processing of streamed data. The company recently released a new on-demand capacity mode for the service that eliminates the need to provision and manage capacity for streaming workloads.

With Amazon Kinesis Data Streams, customers can take any amount of data from any number of sources and scale up and down as needed. Before that, they had to adjust and define the capacity of the service.
Capacity scaling with on-demand capacity mode is now automatic in response to varying traffic.

In a recent AWS News blog post on Amazon Kinesis Data Streams Marcia Villalba, a Senior Developer Advocate for Amazon Web Services, explains when customers can benefit from on-demand mode:

On-demand mode is ideal for customers who have an unknown or variable workload, or who simply don’t want to deal with capacity management. On-demand mode works best for …



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