AWS introduces Amazon CodeWhisperer and new synthetic data capabilities


Amazon Web Services Inc. is adding new capabilities to its cloud platform to help developers write code more efficiently and generate training datasets for their artificial intelligence projects.

The features made their debut today at Amazon re:MARS 2022 in Las Vegas.

AI-assisted coding assistant

The first addition to AWS’ cloud portfolio is a service currently in preview called Amazon CodeWhisperer, which uses AI to automatically generate software code. According to AWS, the service can save developers time by automatically producing code that would otherwise have to be written by hand. The result is that software projects can be completed faster.

AWS says it trained CodeWhisperer on billions of lines of code from open-source projects, internal code repositories, and other sources. The service can generate more than 10 lines of code at a time. In addition, it can correspond to the coding style used in a specific software project, which makes certain …

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