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Amazon Web Services recently announced the general availability of AWS Glue DataBrew, a new visual data preparation tool that enables users to prepare data without writing code. While AWS Glue offers both code-based and visual interfaces, data analysts and scientists now have an easier way to cleanse and transform data. AWS Glue DataBrew is a service that allows data to be explored and experimented directly from AWS data lakes, data warehouses, and databases. In addition, more than 250 pre-built transformations for automating data preparation are touted.

AWS Glue DataBrew is a visual data preparation tool for AWS Glue that enables data analysts and data scientists to cleanse and transform data with one click using an interactive visual interface without writing any code. With this solution, users can access and visually examine all data in their company directly from their Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) data lake, Amazon Redshift Data Warehouse as well as Amazon Aurora and Amazon.

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