Three years after introducing the first generation of its AWS Graviton chip-based instances in 2018, Amazon Web Services announced that the third generation of processors – the AWS Graviton3 – will power all new Amazon Elastic Compute 2 (EC2) C7g instances that are now available in preview.

The new Graviton3-based instances will debut at the AWS re: Invent 2021 conference in Las Vegas and offer up to 25 percent faster computing power and up to 2x higher floating-point performance compared to the current generation of AWS EC2 C6g Graviton2-based instances, according to AWS. The new Graviton3 instances are also up to 2x faster when running cryptographic workloads compared to AWS Graviton2 instances, according to the company.

For machine learning workloads, the new Graviton3-based instances are said to deliver up to three times better performance than Graviton2-based instances, including support for bfloat16, according to AWS.

AWS CEO Adam Selipsky introduces …

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