Recently, AWS announced the general availability of Amazon HealthLake, a fully managed, HIPAA-enabled service. With the service, healthcare providers, health insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies can securely save, transform, query and analyze health data.

The company presented Amazon HealthLake at AWS re: Invent 2020 as a service to combine health information from various silos and formats in a structured, centralized AWS data lake and to gain insights from this data with analysis and machine learning (ML). The service is now generally available in the following AWS Regions: US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), and US West (Oregon), with more to come.

Amazon HealthLake users do not need to manage any infrastructure. Instead, all they have to do is create a new data store, for example with the AWS console, and configure the encryption method with AWS Key Management Service (KMS) – either by using an AWS managed key or another key (such as Bring Your Own …


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