AWS announces Redis 7 compatibility with Amazon ElastiCache for Redis


Recently, AWS announced Redis 7 compatibility with Amazon ElastiCache for Redis, which brings several new features such as Redis capabilities, ACL improvements, and sharded Pub/Sub.

Amazon ElastiCache for Redis is a fully managed in-memory caching service compatible with both Redis and Memcached open source engines. Developers can use the service to run their real-time Internet-based applications in gaming, ad-tech, e-commerce, healthcare, financial services and IoT.


Amazon ElastiCache for Redis received support for Redis 6 two years ago and now supports Redis 7, which was released earlier this year. Amazon ElastiCache for Redis support ranges from 3.4.2 to 7.0 when creating a cluster in the AWS Management Console.

The main new features that come with Redis 7 compatibility are:

  • Support for Redis features and provide a managed experience that allows developers to run LUA scripts with…

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