Recently, AWS announced a new feature of Amazon SageMaker called Amazon SageMaker Edge Manager. This new feature in Amazon SageMaker makes it easier for customers to prepare, run, monitor, and update machine learning models on fleets of edge devices such as smart cameras, robots, and industrial machines.

Amazon SageMaker Edge Manager is one of nine major updates to the cloud-based machine learning platform Amazon SageMaker announced during annual Re: Invent. With Edge Manager, the company offers its customers a solution that makes it easier to deploy and manage models on the edge.

In addition, Amazon SageMaker Edge Manager extends capabilities previously only available in the cloud by sampling input and output data from models of edge devices and sending it to the cloud. This allows developers to continuously improve model quality by using Amazon SageMaker Model Monitor for drift detection, re-label the data and retrain the models.

Developers can …


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