Surfshark, the industry leading VPN, is participating in the Black Friday promotion this year with an incredible 83% off its two-year package and three months free.

That means you will be able to do that Surf shark Experience for just $ 2.21 per month for a full 27 months.

For the uninitiated, Surfshark is a VPN or “virtual private network”. And that’s why you need it.

Going online without a VPN is like going outside naked with your banking information tattooed on your torso.

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Right now, anyone who wants can see your IP address – which means they can find your physical address. Your ISP can monitor your browsing data, and other users on a public Wi-Fi network may also be able to spy on your data.

And don’t even get us going with the nonsense hackers can do.

A VPN protects you from all this nonsense by directing traffic from your computer through anonymous servers around the world and your activity …

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