KRAKOW, Poland – (BUSINESS WIRE) – AVSystem, a leading provider of IoT device management, today announced the integration of the Coiote IoT Device Management (DM) service with Microsoft Azure IoT Hub and Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT Core via Lightweight M2M (LwM2M). Coiote is the first IoT device management platform in the industry to provide large-scale support for restricted IoT devices for both cloud providers.

The integrations allow IoT devices with limited resources to be connected directly to Azure and AWS cloud platforms for data reading, telemetry, and critical device management operations. This opens up new possibilities for creating IoT services over a Wide Area Network (LPWAN) with low power consumption in Azure and AWS. By combining device energy savings and lower data consumption with existing cloud services, companies can reduce time to market and lower the costs of deploying IoT solutions and managing IoT operations.

“The seamless integration with leading cloud providers plays a …

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