Because a stable internet connection is what everyone needs and deserves.

NEW DELHI, INDIA, February 2, 2021 / – Internet Service Providers (ISPs) keep track of their customers’ online activities. And when these ISPs notice something that is causing internet traffic (e.g. file sharing, streaming, online gaming), they adjust internet performance by slowing down to keep a steady flow.

In this case, internet users are affected as they all rely mainly on the internet. From doing some chores to studying to work, everything a person does requires a steady internet connection.

Slowing down the internet could spell disaster. After all, nobody wants to miss a deadline.

The power of a VPN

It’s good that the connection to a VPN (Virtual Private Network) saves Internet users time and can also increase their productivity. When the internet connection is stable, employees can get things done quickly and efficiently.

Whenever an internet …


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