AttackIQ‌ announced its collaboration with VMware to help VMware NSX customers better assess their network security‌‌ controls.

VMware’s NSX security line of products includes two network security solutions: a VMware NSX service-defined firewall to protect east-west network traffic and VMware NSX Advanced Threat Prevention for distributedeilIDS / IPS and advanced malware‌ analysis.

In accordance with the globally accessible MITER AT & CK‌ ‌Framework, the security optimization platform from AttackIQ can simulate the behavior of attackers after an attack and continuously validate the defense of an organization through a library of adversary emulation scenarios.

By using AttackIQ and VMware NSX together, security teams have complete, data-driven control over their security program. The combined solution enables automated testing so organizations can identify problems and adjust security controls before an incident …

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