Attack Surface Management Platform RapidFort Raises $8.5M Seed Round –…


RapidFort, a startup that helps developers reduce the potential attack surface of their applications by automatically removing unused software components from their containers, announced today that it has raised an $8.5 million seed round . The round was chaired by Felicis, with participation from ForgePoint Capital, Bloomberg Beta, Global Founders Capital, Plug & Play Ventures, GIT1K Club and a group of investors from previous RapidFort rounds.

In addition to announcing the new funding, RapidFort also introduced its free tier today.

The company was co-founded by Mehran Farimani and Rajeev Kumar Thakur. “He worked at Palo Alto Networks about three years ago,” Farimani said of Thakur when I asked him how the company got started. “He came to me with a long list of complaints about how this new DevOps thing and vulnerability management and whatnot was affecting his product launch.”

When the Thakurs team modernized part of Palo Alto’s firewall service to accommodate more…

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