Paris, FranceNovember 18, 2021 – Atos today announces the launch of. known Atos OneCloud Sovereign Shield, a suite of solutions, methodologies and operational cloud services that are unique in the marketplace and enable customers around the world to meet the challenges of managing their data on the edge-to-cloud continuum according to the highest data governance requirements of the jurisdiction to master. Part of Atos’ OneCloud initiative, Atos OneCloud Sovereign Shield is a comprehensive edge-to-cloud platform ecosystem and highly secure service that improves customers’ control over the data they generate and exchange, helping them regain control and effectively manage legal dependencies.

Instead of a binary vision of digital sovereignty, Atos creates a range of risk controls and supports industries and governments in the use of hybrid and multi-cloud strategies in terms of data separation, infrastructure, applications, security and operations. Atos offers a customized Version of …


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