Atlas VPN recently released a report that showed over 720 million …


Data compiled by Atlas VPN shows that companies were attacked by hackers over 700 million times worldwide in just 30 days.

Cybercrime has increased at a very constant, if not exponential, rate over the past decade. In all honesty, it’s not hard to see why; Because so much of our personal information and data is stored online, there is almost always some financial gain in spying on individuals online. With many businesses doing their daily chores online, the rewards a cybercriminal reaps for investing a few hours of energy are fulfilling enough to keep them going for a few days or weeks. Ultimately, cybercrime is a much simpler form of crime than burglary and robbery in real life. They can be done remotely, require very little setup, and target virtually the world. 700 million attacks are just a symptom of how many people lead double lives online these days …



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