At RSA Conference, Cloud Security Top Ransomware as Top Concern –…



At the RSA Conference, Cloud Security is Top Ransomware as the main concern

With all the excitement surrounding ransomware lately, that wasn’t the primary concern of attendees at this week’s major security-focused RSA conference in San Francisco.

Instead, that dubious honor went to cloud security, according to an on-site survey conducted by Delinea.

“The survey of over 100 cybersecurity professionals asked participants about their top cybersecurity concerns in 2022, where they stand in relation to cyber insurance and cyber hygiene practices,” said Delinea, specialist in Privileged Access Management (PAM).

“Remarkably, the survey found that cloud security (37 percent) is the number one cybersecurity concern in 2022, ahead of ransomware (19 percent) and remote workers (17 percent).”

In other results, the survey also found that 80 percent of respondents said their organization was not…

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