At re:Inforce, AWS focuses on identity access management


    Amazon emphasized identity and access management at its AWS re:Inforce Security conference in Boston this week. Among the announcements for GuardDuty Malware Detection and Amazon Detective for Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Amazon Web Services executives highlighted the launch of IAM Roles Anywhere earlier this month, which enables AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) to access resources outside of to run on AWS . IAM Roles Anywhere allows security teams to provision temporary credentials for on-premises resources.

    IAM Roles Anywhere enables on-premises servers, container workloads, and applications to use X.509 certificates for the temporary AWS credentials that can use the same AWS IAM roles and policies. “IAM roles provide a secure way for your on-premises servers, containers, and applications to obtain temporary AWS credentials,” said Kurt Kufeld, AWS VP of Platforms.

    Creating temporary credentials is an ideal alternative if they are only needed for short-term purposes, Karen…


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