As the tech world weighs options for software supply chain security, a call for…


Securing the software supply chain equates to better nutrition, regular exercise and more rest. Everyone knows it’s the right thing to do, but the execution often leaves a lot to be desired.

A number of industry leaders have come forward in recent weeks to add urgency to the software supply chain issue. These include leaders from the private sector, academia, technology foundations and government. Their comments, captured in a review of news sources and first-hand conversations with SiliconANGLE Media, reflect a common theme: it’s time to take this threat seriously and do something about it.

“You really think about what my weak link is, what my vulnerability is?” Manoj Nair, general manager of Metallic, a Commvault company, said during an interview with SiliconANGLE. “That vulnerability is now your software supply chain.”

The warning signs are hard to miss. The SolarWinds attack, which injected malicious code into software run by private…

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