The pandemic has brought a myriad of realities to the fore. Distributed computing (for example in remote work scenarios) is no longer a nice option, but a compelling decision.

Several fundamental technologies such as hybrid cloud and 5G connectivity are finally coming together and enabling the new standard in distributed computing – the edge.

“The pandemic has accelerated many of the edge initiatives” said Muneyb Minhazuddin (on the right in the picture), Vice President Edge Computing at VMware Inc. “IIndustrial retailers are thinking about socially disintermediate omnichannel retail experiences. Manufacturers are thinking about localized supply chains and efficiencies as Your global supply chains are becoming stressed. They are all invent and do a few things on the verge. It is Pushing innovations to the edge. “

Minhazuddin and Pierluca Chiodelli (picture left), Vice President of Engineering Technology and Product Management at Dell Technologies …


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