What are you actually buying with $10 million allocated to curing a city’s ransomware disease?

AJ NashVP of Intelligence at a cybersecurity company ZeroFOX, says it depends on how you want to handle the situation. Companies can negotiate the ransom. For Baltimore trying to recover from the devastating ransomware attack of 2019, that ransom was $76,000 worth of bitcoin.

Beyond these cyber companies, intelligence agencies can help a victim better understand the cyber attack and the organization claiming responsibility. Contractors can come in and try to decrypt data, restore backups and networks.

These are all specialties, and there are very few, if any, organizations that can provide all of the various services required during an attack. Maybe that helps explain why the city of Baltimore ended up spending $10 million just to restore IT.

Document that Technically received from the City of Baltimore, via a FOIA request, paint a picture of how this money…

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