Amid growing awareness of data and national security threats from China, a recent Norwegian government report sheds light on the limits of one US government process to address them: the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS).

In 2019, CFIUS, which reviews foreign investments in sensitive US companies for national security risks, initiated a review of investments by Chinese company Beijing Kunlun Tech in the dating app Grindr for 2016 and 2018. Beijing Kunlun Tech owned more than 98 percent of Grindr. The committee’s logic was that Grindr’s user data, including sexual orientation, sexual behavior and health data, was too sensitive to get into the hands of the Chinese government via its Chinese owner. CFIUS went through its review process, and while the details of that review are classified, it has Reportedly asked Beijing Kunlun Tech is set to sell Grindr in March 2019, which the company will then did in March 2020 for the takeover of San Vicente …

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