Arrcus appoints former VMware executive as new CEO, Bank another $ 28 million


Networking startup Arrcus picked up a big fish and named former EPP and GM of VMware’s telecommunications and edge cloud business, Shekar Ayyar, as its new CEO and Chairman of the Board. The company also raised an additional $ 28 million in support from new high profile investors, including SoftBank and Liberty Global.

Arrcus has worked for the past several years to make a name for itself in the routing and multi-cloud networking markets with a total of approximately $ 49 million in support from two initial rounds of fundraising. Now, Ayyar told Fierce, Arrcus is aiming for the sidelines and will use its latest cash holdings to advance its go-to-market strategy.

The new CEO stated that his strategy will focus on promoting the Arrcus Connected Edge (ACE) platform, which effectively packages its existing technology into a three-layer stack. The company’s ArcOS will provide basic networking capabilities, with its ArcEdge platform sitting on top of it to provide multi-domain connectivity across various …


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