Arrcus and VMware help CSPs deliver next-gen services from edge to cloud


Arrcus, the hyperscale networking software company and a leader in cloud-to-edge network infrastructure, announced the next evolution of its partnership with VMware focused on transforming telecom networks to deliver next-generation services from edge to cloud to provide.

The expanded partnership will give communications service providers the ability to monetize their 5G infrastructure faster and deliver new business services more efficiently and flexibly.

The Arrcus ACE platform is now certified as a VMware Ready Telco Cloud Infrastructure solution and available on the VMware Marketplace. Arrcus ACE works with the VMware Telco Cloud Platform to enable communications service providers to accelerate the delivery of 5G workloads and more.

The Arrcus ACE platform is highly programmable and secure, and is available in a flexible set of consumption options such as VMs, containers and software on white boxes. ACE supports solutions like FlexMCN ​​that…

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