Argrace to Showcase World’s First Consolidated Smart Home System at 2019 CES

Argrace to Showcase World's First Consolidated Smart Home System at 2019 CES

HANGZHOU, China, Jan. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Argrace, China’s leading smart home solutions provider, is bringing its latest consolidated smart home system to the 2019 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas running from Jan 8th to 11th. Powered by AI, cloud computing and other enabling technologies, the “Android system” for smart home products is the first in the world to be compatible across devices and protocols.

The groundbreaking smart home system developed by Argrace offers holistic solutions to create an IoT smart home for the real estate industry. IoT is about connecting devices, such as home appliances, over the Internet, allowing them to communicate with and be monitored by people. The smart home system of Argrace offers a wide range of services, including security, energy saving and illumination system and extended, tailor-made services such as child protection, healthcare management, pet care and residential community management.

“People tend to have a very limited perception of smart home products and systems,” said Lin Wei, CMO of Argrace. “They think of smart homes as bunches of ‘Siri’ controlled devices. But it’s more than that. What Argrace is doing is building a combination of IoT and analytics that may lead to a world that understands our needs and allow us to make better use of our time.”

Argrace’s smart O2O system “Magic Mirror” and its smart home automation system will create a big data repository that can be analyzed to produce profiles based on user’s habits, as well as anticipating or recommending the right home products that need replenishing, for example. 

During CES, Argrace will demonstrate how the “invisible housekeeper” works and anticipates user’s needs in real-time, giving conference-goers the opportunity to experience life in a connected world. Argrace’s smart O2O system “Magic Mirror” and its smart home automation system will create a big data repository that can be analyzed to produce user profiles based on the user’s habits, as well as to anticipate what the user needs and recommend the right home products for the user.

With Argrace, we believe that the smart system will bring back the simple beauty of life to people,” added Lin.

Backed by AI, big data and cloud computing, Argrace’s smart home system is versatile and accessible. Unlike other smart home systems, Argrace is compatible with devices of different brands and Internet protocols, making it a completely open system. Users can monitor and control various connected devices from the Argrace console, including smartphones and tablets.

According to Lin, IoT is here to make people’s lives better, and it is Argrace’s mission to bring solutions to the smart home industry. Argrace has forged partnerships with leading players in the real estate industry, such as Vanke and Agile Property. The smart home powered by Argrace system is to welcome its first residents in 2019.

About Argrace

Argrace is an Internet company providing one-stop smart home solutions powered by AI, big data and cloud computing for the real estate industry to enhance life quality. Argrace focuses on building and operating platforms that connect various hardware manufacturers and real estate developers. Argrace constantly expands scenarios for its products while enhancing user experience, giving consumers a multi-dimensional service environment.

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