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Cybercriminals, old and new, inundated the security landscape with one major attack after another in 2021. To give realistic expectations for the future of the industry in 2022, Digital journal met with James Carder, Chief Security Officer & Vice President of LogRhythm Labs.

Carder predicts that the supply chain of a leading country that makes semiconductor chips will be impacted, resulting in a significant shortage of critical materials. This will increase the pressure in the supply chain that the Industry in 2021. The analyst also addresses API vulnerabilities and the risks to the Beijing Olympics.

Computer chips

Beginning with concerns about computer chips, Carder notes, “The supply chain of a leading country that manufactures semiconductor chips will be at risk, resulting in a significant shortage of critical materials.”

This problem is likely to coincide with cybersecurity problems, Carder predicts: “As we saw with the pandemic, cyber criminals will take advantage of times of social disruption to manipulate companies and governments for financial reasons.”

He adds, “The global chip shortage, which is showing no signs of slowing down as some experts estimate it could persist through the end of 2022, is another period of disruption that hackers will soon exploit. When countries try to increase production, a country is caught trying to corner the market through fraudulent methods in order to gain access to the production and supplies of the leading chip-producing countries. This will lead to bottlenecks in critical deliveries and rising prices for basic goods. “

More ransomware

Carder also fears that the supply chain of a large vaccine manufacturer will be stopped by ransomware. This is because this sector would become a focal point for rogue actors (even rogue states). Carder believes that: “Ransomware attacks were crippled in 2021” Colonial pipeline and JBS“, Then” in 2022, cyber criminals will launch a ransomware attack on one of the pharmaceutical companies that make the COVID-19 vaccine. This will disrupt the production of critical booster syringes and keep many other life saving drugs from reaching patients. The resulting consequences will fuel the flames for foreign and domestic disinformation campaigns about vaccines. “

Uncover API vulnerabilities

Carder is also concerned that cyber criminals will take advantage of this API vulnerabilities to break through several company networks at the same time. The expert fears: “Cyber ​​attackers often use sideways movement techniques to move through an organization’s network after the first attack. We’ve already seen how Russia-affiliated ransomware-as-a-service group REvil used Kaseya’s network management and remote control software to not only move within the Kaseya network but also to extend its reach to its customers. In 2022, hackers will try to improve the lateral movement concept for internal networks and apply it to an entire partner network using incorrectly configured APIs, which serve as a gateway from the Internet into the environment of a company. “

Olympic Games disruption

Carder’s last concern is the hackers blackmailing Olympic athletes during the Beijing Olympics. Here he explains: “Hackers crack the accounts of various athletes and find incriminating email exchanges regarding the use of performance-enhancing drugs and insights into the private lives of individuals. As a result, athletes are blackmailed into helping hackers with cyberattacks on their home countries or exposed to the publication of incriminating evidence. “

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