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You whined and you complained and you groaned. And no, you don’t get the “Edit Tweet” button, but Twitter is testing something almost as good. Will do it you happy?

Users have been asking for a long time, and Twitter has repeatedly refused to implement a tool that would allow them to change the content of tweets already sent. But soon users may be able to stop embarrassing themselves in the next best (or perhaps even superior) way: take theirs back Tweets before they actually go live.

Per 9to5Mac, Reverse engineering expert and productive data miner Jane Manchun Wong has discovered that Twitter is working on an “undo” timer for tweets that seems to give users about five seconds after tweeting to consider whether this was actually a good idea. This is not the same as an edit button, but it helps solve the problem of clicking send and instantly recognizing that a message has a grammatical error. was just bad advice, or was completely ignorant.

It’s not clear when the tweets undo feature can roll out or if it’s just a test that might not reach users at all, but Twitter has been on a technical spree lately. Many of the features announced or rolled out in the past few months are clones of other popular websites and apps, including our own clones of Audio chat meeting point clubhouse, disappearing Instagram stories, monetizable Substack newsletters, and Patreon subscriptions.

The edit button has been one of Twitter’s most requested features, but CEO Jack Dorsey said last year it will almost certainly never be implemented because neither is it the case that you can take back a text message. (The difference is that the use of Tweets can be a little higher than SMS, depending on how many people read it. And the wayback machine is unforgiving.) There are Other obvious downsides to an edit feature, like knowing that one of its greatest uses is to troll other Twitter users by tricking them into replying to or quoting posts that suddenly say something completely different.

“We started as an SMS-SMS service. And as you all know, if you send a text, you can’t really take it back, ”said Dorsey in a YouTube video when discussing the prospect of an edit button. “We wanted to keep that mood, that feeling in the early days … we probably never will.”

For now, all you have to do is pretend you never hit the submit button, which is probably for the best.

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