Are VPNs Forced to Log Your Traffic?



The heat is on, and VPN’s feel the pressure. Increasingly Governments are cracking down on online anonymity on the one hand during Hollywood is doing everything it can to combat piracy. As a result, something unthinkable can become a reality: VPNs forced to log traffic. Is this fear realistic or is it just a knee-jerk panic reaction?

What is logging?

That How a virtual private network works is that it reroutes and secures your connection, making you much harder to track. However, VPNs are not bulletproof and there is a weak link in the process and that is their logs. In this case, logs are a record of who connected to the VPN servers and when, as well as a complete list of all websites visited and other activities.

Logs would track you very easily, which is why VPNs pledge not to keep them and are called that No-log VPNs. However, as you can imagine, the practice of not keeping logs is a thorn in the side of many…

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