No, it’s not a joke. PC gaming manufacturer Razor now sells tiny sleeves for your fingers.

The product is intended for smartphone gamers who are looking for a competitive advantage. “Our breathable sleeves are woven with highly sensitive silver fibers for improved aiming and control, and keep your fingers deadly cool in the heat of the moment, so you’re always in control of the game,” says Razer.

Of course, wearing them makes you look like a ridiculous nerd too. The provider presented the “Razer Finger Gaming Sleeve” on Tuesday during a RazerStore Live event that showed some new accessories.


The company designed the product in case your hands start to sweat. The sleeves can absorb sweat so your fingers don’t slide on a smartphone screen while playing.

The sleeves, which are almost 2 inches long and 0.8 mm thick, promise to work on any smartphone touchscreen. The other selling point is how the cases can prevent fingerprints from appearing on your phone’s display.

“The stretchy, elastic sleeves made of nylon and elastane adapt to all finger sizes and are compatible with most mobile play devices,” adds the company.

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The product is certainly different. However, Razer is no stranger to coming up with radical ideas for new products. The company is currently developing an N95 class Face mask with RGB lighting, which should come on the market in the fourth quarter. During Tuesday’s event, Razer also showed off a pair Gaming glasses Designed for children to alleviate blue light, glare and eye strain.

The finger sleeves are available now for $ 9.99

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