You’ve probably heard of at least virtual private networks (often referred to as VPNs), and if you’re at all concerned with digital privacy and security, you may have already done a little research on them and priced them out a bit. You’ve probably noticed that there are some, too free VPN Plans out there that may seem too good to be true – after all, if these services cost money, why should anyone offer them for free?

That’s a fair question, and as you can imagine, these “free” VPNs have a pretty big catch. Virtual private networks require hardware infrastructure (which means money) to operate, and free providers have to somehow recoup their costs. They usually do this by collecting your data and selling it to marketers, which means they are likely to keep some kind of activity log. This defeats much of the purpose of using a VPN – protecting your online activities, habits, and information from third parties and others …

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