By Claus Hetting, Wi-Fi NOW CEO & Chairman

Radio access networks can be diverse – but IoT services do not have to be. In fact, a unified Connectivity Control Service (CCS) in the cloud could be the key for operators to create and manage mass-market IoT services across any wireless network, including smart home Wi-Fi, cellular networks or even LoRa . This new architectural idea is the brainchild of service management leader Aptilo, now part of the Swedish telecommunications software solution provider Enea.

Telecommunications companies often operate multiple networks serving many types of IoT services, which makes creating and managing consistent and secure IoT services both complex and costly. Now, Aptilo’s Wi-Fi service management experts and IoT connectivity innovators say that a unified, fully cloud-based approach to managing IoT connectivity is the way to go.

Aptilo’s idea is to be used Hyperscaler –…

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