Apple works according to a. on a new version of the iPad Pro with wireless charging new report in Bloomberg. To do justice to the technology, Apple will reportedly switch to a glass back on the new models instead of the aluminum found on the back of every iPad released to date.

Apple is scheduled to test a magnetic charging system for the new iPad Pro, similar to the MagSafe connector that was introduced with the iPhone 12 range last year. Apple could also incorporate reverse wireless charging into the new iPad Pro, according to the report, which could make the iPad itself a wireless charging point.

Apple just released the new M1 iPad Pro with its mini LED display, and the wireless charging model isn’t supposed to be ready until next year. However, Bloomberg also says Apple will be releasing a redesigned iPad Mini with narrower bezels in 2021. It’s not clear whether it will switch to Face ID as on the iPad Pro or Touch ID on the power button as on the iPad Air – Bloomberg’s report only says that “removing the home button was also tested.”

In addition to the new iPad Mini, Apple is also to bring a thinner version of the 10.2-inch iPad onto the market. Both products are expected to hit the market towards the end of the year.

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