Apple recently unveiled the new, updated iMac – which is now Available for pre-sale – with M1 chips and an ultra slim frame. It is also available in up to seven colors – and that too Splendid In a way, Apple’s all-in-one hasn’t been around for a while.

The new iMac is an impressive piece of hardware with the aforementioned M1 chipset, a crisp 24-inch 4.5K retina display, a brand new camera, microphone, and speakers that are a huge improvement over the previous models. The rest of the hardware is impressive too, but it’s not really the internals that make most people aware of this device – while they’re a bonus, what makes this new iMac so stunning is its looks.

One of the first and most noticeable features of the new iMac is its very slim profile. At just 11.5 millimeters, it’s slimmer and more aesthetic than ever, and it just looks right. The thin monitor combined with the graceful nosedive of the stand will grab the attention of those looking for a minimalist look in their tech.

The real benefit is the color palette. When looking for a new iMac, you’re no longer limited to just the usual silver. The new all-in-one has an impressive seven-color palette (though, to be fair, one of them is the silver mentioned above). Each color of the rainbow is represented: yellow, orange, blue, green (this looks more like teal), purple, and pink (this looks very, very red).

Every iMac has a bright pop of color on the back and a softer, muted hue of the same color on the sides and stand.

The color palette is reminiscent of the iMac G3, the beautiful bubble-shaped iMac that comes in a variety of colors. While the new iMac doesn’t have quite as many colors as its predecessor, it’s still good to see the infusion of bright hues back into the line. In fact, some of the colors on the new iMac look like updated versions of the colors on this older computer. The new teal teal looks very similar to Bondi Blue, the first color the G3 was released with. The dark purple and pink also resemble the colors of the G3 family.

In the event that the eye-catching color field is not enough – and it should be – almost all accessories can be color-coordinated to match the iMac. The new keyboard, mouse, trackpad, and even the cable and power connector can be the same color as your all-in-one. If you are used to the common colors of white, gray and black in all of your technologies, this is that new pop of color and the fact that anything is possible game could bring a tear to the eye.

Magic Mouse in different colors

Obviously, looks aren’t everything. The way the computer works and what kind of software it supports is the kind of thing that really matters in everyday life, not the color.

But it’s also important that the new iMac looks different from its predecessor. This is the first redesign of the iMac in a decade, but it won’t appeal as much to potential buyers if it’s identical to the computer that shipped before, no matter how impressive the hardware is. So adding an expanded (and pretty) color selection is a visual shortcut to highlighting the generational differences.

Apple’s new 24-inch iMac is Can be pre-ordered from today. You can pre-order from, Amazon, or Best Buy. Delivery will take place in the second half of May. Further information on prices, availability and technical data can be found at Check out our buying guide.

    Apple iMac 24 inch (2021)
    Apple’s new 24-inch iMac is not only available in a variety of playful colors, it also features an incredibly fast M1 chip and a gorgeous 4.5K retina display.

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