Apple is preparing to release a new iPhone OS update, and the good news is that CarPlay is part of the fun this time around, too.

iOS 15.2 has already reached the Release Candidate stage, which means that the parent company has selected a build to be released to production devices and is now running last-minute tests to make sure everything is going right.

This release candidate has already been made available to developers, and now that we are closing the moment that Apple plans to give the go-ahead for all devices, the company has decided to release the full changelog and let us know what exactly is in this one Update is new.

iOS 15.2 therefore brings with it many changes, including several aimed at this CarPlay User.

First and foremost, Apple says the debut of iOS 15.2 witnessed the expansion of the Apple Maps overhaul. This version introduces the expanded city maps provided by the app with amazing details like turning lanes, median strips, bike lanes and pedestrian crossings for more users.

And while this Apple Maps extension is clearly good news, there is one more thing that CarPlay users may be looking forward to even more.

It’s a fix that is specifically targeted at the Now Playing UI and has proven itself pretty buggy in the last few weeks. Users found that in some cases the Now Playing card wasn’t updated for certain apps, and now the Cupertino-based tech giant is kind of admitting that the operating system itself was the culprit.

After installing this update, the Now Playing info should be loaded correctly for all apps.

Last but not least, Apple says this iPhone update should also resolve HomeKit scenes that include a garage door that may not be able to run through CarPlay when the device is locked.

Apple hasn’t yet provided an ETA of when iOS 15.2 is expected to be released to all users, but there’s a good chance the update will go live next week.

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