Apple’s AR/VR headset is coming in January to make Mark Zuckerberg cry


We were told that a few weeks ago Apple’s AR/VR headset was in trouble — but according to respected industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, it’s in poor health and on track for a January 2023 launch. That could be bad news for Facebook and oculus Owner Meta: According to Kuo, it is reducing its investments in VR because it sold its Oculus headsets at a loss and a recession is looming. Just as Meta takes his eyes off the VR Sphere, Apple could be preparing to launch it into orbit.

The report is by Ming-Chi Kuo medium Blog, where he shares his insights on all kinds of technologies. When it comes to AR and VR, according to Kuo, “Apple is a game changer for the headset industry” – but Sony is also a major player. “Sony’s influence in the gaming/multimedia entertainment industry is stronger than Meta’s.” He’s expecting them PSVR2 to hit the market in early 2023 and push VR much further into the mainstream. Both Microsoft and Valve are coming to the party later, but “both are beneficial to the entire industry.”

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