AppleAccording to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who mentioned new details in his PowerOn newsletter, the future AR / VR headset could be in the $ 2000 price range. Gurman expects Apple Headset should be on the market in 2022, and he predicts it will be just a few months after Meta (formerly Facebook) launches its own headset, previously known as Project Cambria. Gurman says both devices will be direct challengers to users entering the Metaverse.

Zuckerberg took a look at Project Cambria during the meta announcement. He had said that the product was more expensive and that it was equipped with the “advanced technologies”. In a blog post, the company said that the headset would include “improved social presence, color pass-through, pancake look,” and it was not a successor to the existing Oculus Rift 2 or 3.

It is said that Project Cambria is “for people who want to test a new type of computer that is state of the art”.

In the meantime, Gurman’s newsletter also points out that Apple and Meta could also compete in fitness watches, as the latter are supposed to bring their own smartwatches onto the market next year. That was previously reported by The Vergewho stated that Meta’s smartwatch would come with two camera options.

the Report had said that while a camera If it were designed for video calls, the other detachable camera could record video in Full HD or 1080p resolution. So far, Apple Watches don’t come with a camera, and if Meta actually does have one, it could stand out in the market. It should be noted, however, that Apple’s dominance in the smartwatch space remains unchallenged and it continues to be the market leader.

The newsletter also suggests that Apple may launch new products in the home segment, including two new gadgets. One is a device that combines a speaker and TV set-top box with a camera, and the second would be a smart speaker with a screen. Meta already has a smart speaker with a screen called the Portal, and of course there’s the Amazon Echo Show series. Apple’s HomePod didn’t exactly set the market on fire, which may explain why it is looking to revamp its range of products in its home offering.

Apple AR Headset: What We Know About It So Far

There were many Reports about Apple’s upcoming AR / VR headset, and previous comments from company executives have shown that they are generally optimistic about AR. A previous report by Gurman said the headset will come with “advanced chips, displays, sensor and avatar-based features” and could hit the market in 2022.

It also looks like Apple’s headset will have more mixed reality, with the virtual and real world interacting in real time. That would be different from a typical virtual reality headset, in which you completely disappear into a digital world.

Other Report on the information had claimed the upcoming headset would only work with an iPhone or MacBook Pro. It also looks like Apple is developing the system on a chip (SoC) that powers the headset internally, and that it also designed the display driver and image sensor for it. The custom processor will be based on TSMC’s five-nanometer manufacturing process, according to the earlier report.

Reports have also shown that the device could be more developer-focused in the beginning as it will be expensive.

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