This week, Apple boosted its capabilities by rolling out a software update that gives customers more options to block apps from tracking data Feud with Facebookwho criticized the move as anti-competitive because it will affect the ability to sell advertising online.

Businesses are increasingly pushing regulators and courts to intervene. At a congressional hearing in Washington last week, companies like Spotify, Tile, and Match Group said senators How guidelines from Apple and Google, whose Play Store is another sticking point for app developers, affected competition and led to higher app prices for customers. And next week in California, a lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games, the maker of Fortnite that has filed, is due to begin an antitrust lawsuit against Apple about his fees.

Britain conducts another antitrust investigation from Apple through the App Store after receiving complaints from developers.

The case announced on Friday is part of a broader effort by the Clamp European Union on so-called gatekeeper companies such as Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google. Policy makers are creating laws to prevent the tech giants from abusing their market power to harm smaller businesses, including the way they manage app stores.

Efforts to force changes in the App Store pose a threat to a rapidly growing Apple business. As the sales of iPhones, iPads, and other hardware devices mature, the company is turning to digital services as a new source of growth. Investor optimism about this deal has helped Apple stock skyrocket, reaching more than $ 2.2 trillion in market value, the largest in the world.

The pressure on Apple via the App Store has already prompted the company to make changes. Last fall, The company cut its commission in half With many app sales down to 15 percent for developers who made less than $ 1 million a year from their iPhone apps. This change affected about 98 percent of the developers who paid the commission, but it barely affected Apple’s bottom line. Sensor Tower, an app data firm, estimates that these developers accounted for less than 5 percent of the revenue Apple made from apps.

Apple makes a lot more by driving down sales on its most popular apps. The Match Group, which makes the dating app Tinder, recently announced that Apple has made nearly $ 500 million in commission payments annually. This is the largest single issue.

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