• Apple lets Parler back into its App Store after the app changed its moderation guidelines.
  • It was banned from app stores due to flawed content review processes after the siege of the Capitol.
  • Parler is preferred by the right and billed as a Twitter alternative to free speech.
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Apple will allow Parler to return to its App Store after it was kicked off after January 6th revolt in the US Capitol. CNN reported the news first.

Apple wrote a letter to Congress informing Senators that the company had approved the changes Parler had made to its app since the ban. The letter was specifically addressed to Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah and Representative Ken Buck of Colorado. It said Parler had “suggested updates to its app and the methods of moderating content in the app.”

Senator Buck wrote the letter on his Twitter account and said Parler’s return to Apple’s App Store was a “great win for free speech”.

“Apple expects the updated Parler app to be available as soon as Parler releases it,” Apple said in the letter.

Apple and Parler did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Parler was curtailed in January on calls to better tackle hate speech and incitement to violence. Others in the corporate world, such as Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services, which also distance themselves from the company.

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Parler is an alternative to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and advertises as a community that promotes freedom of expression. Twitter and Facebook took action against some Republicans over the past year, including former President Donald Trump. Twitter began adding fact-checking labels to its tweets last May when it released unsubstantiated claims that the 2020 presidential election would be fraudulent due to mail-in votes.

Parler tried to get back into Apple’s App Store in February but has been blocked because of the continued spread of hateful language and Nazi symbols, as Apple said. A Parler spokesman told Insider in mid-March that the app was working to reduce the distribution of such content by human content moderators and algorithmic changes.

The spokesman also said at the time it was “optimistic that Apple will continue to differentiate itself from other” big tech “companies by backing its customers’ decision to” think differently. “

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