Apple is asking Apple Watch users to complete a survey asking them about their digital health monitoring activities. The survey mentions the potential for glucose monitoring apps to be used, indicating Apple’s considerations to add such features to the Apple Watch.

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  • Apple Watch users have emailed a survey link from Apple.
  • A specific health monitoring section in the survey asks for features and apps that respondents use.
  • This section specifically asks people if they use glucose monitoring apps.

The next Apple Watch is said to have had a glucose monitoring function for a long time. A new indicator of this is a survey recently sent by Apple to Apple Watch users asking them about their health monitoring habits through the device.

Apple sent emails to Apple Watch users with a link for the new survey. A specific section of the survey asks users what kind of apps they are using on their phones to monitor their health data.

This section asks users about their most frequently used health monitoring features on Apple Watch. These can be step counts, climbing stairs, activity rings, stand-up reminders or the workout app.

The survey asks if users are using third-party apps to track other health data in a similar way. This can include tracking workouts, diets, and nutrient intake, as well as other health practices like checking blood sugar levels regularly.

Such surveys are usually carried out by OEMs to find ways to improve their products. By listing the potential uses of glucose monitoring apps in the survey, Apple understands that this feature is an important health monitoring mechanism for people with irregular glucose levels.

It is long expected that similar features will be available on the Apple Watch as well. Most recently, regulatory documents filed by a UK-based startup called Rockley Photonics suggested it. The manufacturer of sensors for monitoring the health care system listed Apple as one of its “few large customers” on the file. According to the listing, Rockley Photonics has a “supply and development agreement” with Apple.

Rockley’s specialty sensors can use infrared light to monitor a person’s blood to display information that would normally be viewed using medical or specialized equipment. The idea is that users can track their glucose levels without having to draw blood every time.

The filing suggested that Apple may get its sensors to monitor blood sugar levels. By embedding these sensors in the Apple Watch, Apple can offer its users the long-awaited functionality in the coming iterations of the device.

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