Updated a Apple Watch Series 3 Watching OS 7.4 is quite a struggle.

As reported by The edgeWhile Apple is still selling the Apple Watch Series 3, trying to update it to the latest supported software isn’t an experience you’d expect from a “current” Apple product.

Typically, updating an Apple Watch is an annoyingly long but straightforward process: you charge your watch to 50 percent, plug it in, and wait for the slow process of pushing and installing the update on your smartwatch.

However, the non-cellular Apple Watch Series 3 has a tiny 8GB of internal storage, a sizable chunk of which is used by the operating system and other critical software. Installing a major update – like the recently released watchOS 7.4 – looks something like this:

This article explains the insanely long process of upgrading Apple Watch Series 3 to watchOS 7.4 Apple released for the public last week:

  • Unpair your Apple Watch and reset it to factory settings
  • Set up the Apple Watch again and restore it from the backup
  • Find out that you shouldn’t be restoring from your backup just yet
  • Watch an episode or two of Brooklyn Nine-Nine while you wait for the backup to complete
  • Start over from step one – but as a brand new Apple Watch, without restoring from an existing backup
  • Update the Apple Watch, which now has enough free space to update it
  • Think how often you would actually like to use this face unlock feature
  • Unpair and swipe the Apple Watch a third time
  • Restore from your backup and eventually use it normally

According to the Apple Support website, Apple doesn’t offer any other option, including clearing memory.

And the problem seems to be whether you have a batch of apps installed or not. Apple’s support website doesn’t even recommend Series 3 owners to free up space. It only recommends switching directly to the above reset cycle.

It’s clear that while Apple can technically claim that the Apple Watch Series 3 supports the latest version of watchOS, the process of updating the software clearly shows the age of the device. At this point, customers would most likely be better off buying the recently released version Apple Watch SE.

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