A new leak in an early, “ultra” secret Apple Watch prototype offers a glimpse into the company’s product development process.

As a company, Apple has always held its cards close to its chest. It’s rare for consumers to see something Apple doesn’t want. Still, Some behind-the-scenes reports on Apple make it through, such as a recently leaked video showing an “ultra” secret early build of the Apple Watch.

The leak takes the form of a short video from YouTube channel Apple Demo showing an early prototype of the Apple Watch running a version of the software prior to 1.0. The video opens with a close-up of The box the Apple Watch prototype came in. On one side there is a large white sticker informing the user that the FCC has not yet approved the device for sale, and on the other side there is a confidential notice, mostly covered by yellow stickers.

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The visible part contains the statement: “This product is classified as Apple Confidential and known as the “Ultra” security program. “Another partially obscured passage says, ‘This prototype MUST be returned when it is recalled or when you have it.” The rest is hidden. In addition, the acronyms PVT and PVTe appear in multiple places, indicating that the Apple Watch prototype was used for Production Validation Testing.

The device itself is missing a strap and something resembles an original iPod with a bulky dark case. While the touchscreen interface is similar to the production model, this version lacks the digital crown found on most versions of the Apple Watch, which allows users to zoom and scroll without touching the screen. It also doubles as the device’s home button. Instead, the prototype has a more traditional home button just below the touchscreen and two additional buttons on the side. They aren’t used in the video, but they may have been volume controls.

When switched on, the device displays the familiar Apple Watch start screen with the standard Suite of built-in iOS apps. In addition, the prototype contains an app called Lisa Tester. While the icon is an image of the Simpsons Character, longtime Apple users can recognize it as a reference to Apple’s “Lisa” computer named after Steve Jobs’ daughter. It was one of the first PCs with a graphical user interface, and the Lisa Tester enables testers to tweak aspects of the user interface.

One UI app, Springboard Zoom, is very similar to the original watchOS home screen from 2015. Interestingly, the button layout and lack of a crown suggest that the software was nearing completion of the device architecture. Details like these show how the leaked demo offers a rare glimpse Apple’s hardware development process.

The series 6 Apple Watch is available now.

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