One second Apple VR In just as many days, the alleged mixed reality headset will have 3D sensor modules to track hand movements and recognize objects.

Seen in a research note by me more Ming-Chi Kuo writes:

Gesture control and object recognition are the most important designs of the human-machine interface for Apple AR / MR headsets. Apple’s AR / MR headset comes with more 3D sensor modules than the iPhone, with significant improvements in structural light specifications.

Kuo states that Apple’s AR / MR headset will have four sets of 3D sensors, as opposed to one or two like Apple’s best iPhones, such as iPhone 13.

Kuo says the headset will be able to “detect changes in the dynamic details of the hand” as well as changes in position and objects in front of the user. This will reportedly promote a “more intuitive and lively human-machine interface”. The headset will also reportedly have three time-of-flight sensors to detect hand movements with low latency.

It comes just a day after Kuo, who has an extremely long and accurate track record of leaking information about Apple’s future plans, reiterated that Apple will begin production of its first headset in the fourth quarter of 2022, and a lighter version with better battery life up to will be released in 2024.

Recently Bloombergs Mark Gurman suggested that there could potentially be a significant gap between Apple’s announcement of the mixed reality headset and its release to the general public, citing the example of the original Apple Watch, which came out 227 days after it was announced.

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